Carpatair aircraft departed from the runway at Craiova Airport

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Update 17:20 - Regarding certain statements in the media concerning the evacuation of the aircraft and the smell of kerosene and smoke in the passenger cabin, we would like to specify the following:

1. Evacuation of the aircraft and equipment with slides
Standard procedures for emergency cases expressly require the application of the Emergency Evacuation procedure by using all aircraft exits as has been done in this case. The civil aviation rules governing the design and construction of aircraft establish the obligation to provide emergency exits with slides only for large aircraft, especially for those aircraft that have evacuation doors above heights.
1.8 m. Small sized regional aircraft with exhaust doors at heights below 1.8 m are not provided with slides under the certification rules.

It should also be noted that when evacuating the aircraft around the aircraft there were snow trojans of about 1.0m, which made the contact with the ground when passengers left the aircraft attenuated.

2. The smell of Kerosene and Smoke
Kerosene and smoke odor information is associated with the time of the incident. At the entrance of the aircraft in the trojans on the edge of the runway, by inhaling the snow in the running engines, smoke was produced which was soon felt and in the passenger cabin, proof that after the engines stopped the smoke disappeared immediately.

Press release published at 14:00 - In the morning of today, around 10: 00, on Craiova Airport, a Carpatair aircraft skidded. In snowy conditions, the aircraft type Saab 2000, which made the Craiova-Timisoara flight with 50 of passengers on board, while taking off in order to take off it caught a snowbank with its right wheel, which led to the departure of the aircraft and the exit of the runway, which stopped in the wake of on the edge of the track.

None of the passengers on board and of the crew members suffered any bodily injury. Failures of the aircraft are being evaluated.

Consequently, today's Craiova-Timisoara flight was canceled due to difficult weather conditions. Carpatair provides passengers with all the assistance they need to refuel on other flights or alternative means of transport.

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