Carpatair announces changes to the operational program

Carpatair announces changes to the operational program

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Starting from October 1 and continuing with the winter season, the schedule of flights Carpatair is modified following the move of operational bases to Western airports.

Flights from the West (Italy and Germany) to the eastern destinations (Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova) will be operated in the morning, with afternoon returns. This makes me believe that Timisoara airport will no longer be the main Carpatair hub.

According to rumors, the aircraft will not stay overnight at airports in Eastern countries but at airports in the West, Italy and Germany. Let's come back with details!

I also did some research below in the 2 print screens. I chose as destination Stuttgart, Germany, departing from Timisoara. The period is 19 -26 in September, before the operational changes, and October, after the date when the new changes will take effect. I leave you to discover the differences!

25.09.2012 Update: Timisoara Airport will no longer be a hub for Carpatair, it will only be for transit!

  1. Bradut says

    Yes, from the catches you make it is obvious that the plane is staying on STR. Do you have any idea why this decision was made by Carpatair? I'm waiting for updates!

  2. Sorin says

    I am still asking at Carpatair, but I understood that it is a decision made by the big boss and there is not yet known much information about what will happen to the Timisoara hub!

    From my point of view, it is not a decision that I enjoy. You will automatically have to stay overnight if you want to visit lightning a destination in the west and it is not very financially comfortable.

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  4. Sorin says

    It seems that the latest conflicts regarding discriminatory tariffs have led to this decision

  5. Green says

    Timisoara airport will lose a lot of money if Carpatair changes its hub.

  6. Sorin says

    Well it looks like he is nailed :). From October 1 the new operational changes come into force!

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