Carpatair will operate flights for Czech Airlines (rumor)

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Following the scandal in the country, Carpatair made a strategic move. On 28 August 2012, Airlines Travel publishes the first changes in the Carpatair operational program. Starting with 1 October and continuing with the winter season, the schedule for Carpatair flights has changed following the move of operational bases to Western airports.

This move facilitated new partnerships for Carpatair. Currently, the Romanian carrier operates flights under codeshare with Alitalia and even Carpatair aircraft are used on domestic routes: Pisa-Rome, Alghero-Rome, Parma-Rome and Bolzano-Rome. Earlier this year there was one small scandal based on the agreement between the two companies since September 2011.

But Carpatair doesn't stop here. On 23 May 2012, I published the first pictures with the aircraft Boeing 737-300 Carpatair. It was operated by several airlines, the last one being Czech Airlines. From our sources, Carpatair will also receive Boeing 737 aircraft and also from Czech Airlines.

Czech Airlines recently announced that it will make changes to the operational calendar. From 13.01.2013, Boeing 737-500 aircraft have been removed from the fleet, and the remaining aircraft will be better utilized. Through the long list of changes I noticed some more strange information. routes Prague - Venice and Prague - Florence will be operated with SAAB 2000 aircraft. Wait, Czech Airlines does not have SAAB 2000 in its fleet, so they have to borrow them from somewhere and will most likely enter into an agreement with Carpatair (one of the largest European SAAB 2000 operators). . Thus, we announce for the first time that the Carpatair operator will honor flights for Czech Airlines with SAAB 2000 aircraft.

After a short check, Czech Airlines updated the information on the site, and the routes mentioned above appear to be operated with SAAB 2000 according to the following schedule:

OK 0737 Venice - Prague - 14:30 - 16:00 - 3 weekly flights - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
OK 0736 Prague - Venice - 16:30 - 18:00

OK 0717 Florence - Prague - 12:40 - 14:20 - 4 weekly flights - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
OK 0716 Prague - Florence - 18:20 - 20:00

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