How much does the passport cost and what are the payment methods?

In the European Union, most Romanians choose to travel with the CI (identity card). Which is not bad, but sometimes it can be a disadvantage. In very crowded airports, queues at the check-in counters seem endless. Passport holders can pass through the control filter faster, with some special gates that can only be passed through the electronic passport.

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Passport can be an indispensable act for many of us, those traveling in the EU and outside the EU borders. I admit that we also choose to travel in the EU with the IC, but we plan to change our habits. Your passport can get rid of the endless queues of very busy airports.

Plus, under the new laws, a simple electronic passport is valid for 10 years, and the rates are not scary. How much does a passport cost? The General Directorate of Passports issued a statement informing us of the new rates:

How much does a passport cost?

- simple electronic passport valid for 10 years, for persons with
age over 18 years - 258 lei;
- simple electronic passport valid for 5 years, for minors aged
between 12 and 18 years - 258 lei;
- simple electronic passport valid for 3 years, for minors aged
under 12 years - 234 lei;
- temporary simple passport valid for 12 months, regardless of age - 96 lei.

You can request the issuance of a passport in the country, at any public community service for the issuance and registration of simple passports. Abroad, you can request the issuance of the passport to the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania.

In the past, the passport was more difficult to do and you had to run to different institutions to submit the documents, to make the payment and to pick up the passport. At present, the situation has become much simpler.

For online programming, go to or the web page of the prefect institution in the county in which you intend to submit the passport application. Not all passport services make online appointments. To submit a passport application, you can go to one of the offices of the community public services for issuing and recording the simple passports, according to the work program that can be consulted on the web page. SPCEEPS, without previous programming.

The General Direction of Passports also communicated the payment methods, in fact some of them aligned to the 21st century:
- online, in internet banking system, by transfer to open accounts
by each Institution of the Prefect;
- from any bank where the person has opened a bank account, by bank transfer
to the accounts opened by each Institution of the Prefect;
- by postal order (at any Post Office);
- in cash or as the case may be through the POSs at the cashiers of the units
The State Treasury, the cashiers of the Prefect's Institutions and the cashiers of the units
CEC Bank.

Enjoy! Go get your passports!

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