How much does it cost to drive to Greece?

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We are in the summer season, and the children have taken a vacation. Many of you have already planned your summer vacation, but many others have not yet decided where and when they will be traveling this summer. Maybe they didn't even decide on the means of transport used.

What is certain is that Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria remain in the top of the destinations preferred by Romanians. They are closer to Romania, have good prices, services for all budgets and can be reached relatively quickly by car, bus or plane. In the context of the war and a pandemic on hold, Romanians do not venture too far in the summer holidays.

For those who choose to travel by car to Greece or Bulgaria, those from have made a simulation of the route and the related costs. For Greece, they took Thessaloniki and Thassos as destinations. The calculation was made in relation to a Dacia Logan model car, at an average consumption of 5 liters / 100 kilometers. Remember that before you go on the road, you prepare your car for the holidays!

It should be mentioned that from Bucharest to the Greek border there are only 370 kilometers, a distance that can be covered without problems by anyone in a fairly short time.

For the route Bucharest - Thessaloniki - Bucharest, the fuel costs would amount to 600 lei, to which is added the customs duty Giurgiu - Ruse and vignette for Bulgaria. In total, the costs would amount to about 700 lei.

For the route Bucharest - Thassos - Bucharest, the fuel costs would amount to approximately 550 lei, to which is added the Giurgiu - Ruse customs duty and the vignette for Bulgaria, but also the ferry. If four people were to travel, the total cost would be about 1100 lei. In Greece, tolls start at 2 EURO.

About car costs for Bulgaria, read on!

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