How much does it cost to travel a year around the world?

How much does it cost to walk a year around the world?

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The answer that comes to mind is the following: How much does your pocket hold!. But you can optimize your expenses and enjoy a minimum of comfort, and this leads you to a minimum budget. Kyle and Brianna from there are two tourists who have traveled in 2011 around the world. They did not go around the Earth, but they wandered over several countries in Europe (they were also through Romania), Africa and Asia.

In the end they drew the line and it turned out that they spent, by rounding, 15 000 Dollars per person. Is it much, is it little? Of this total, 3000 Dollars meant only air tickets, and 12 000 Dollars were spent on accommodation and food. Below is the summary chart offered by the two protagonists themselves!

Avoid Belgium and Africa, and more focus on ASIA! If you are willing, now you have an overview of the amount you need. Courage and pleasant trip, just let us know! :)

  1. Costin says

    Euro or $?

  2. Sorin says

    Dollars! My fault .. usual with this European currency, out of instinct! :)

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