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The story "IARA Pension" (video)

A trip to the Danube Delta is like a trip to another country! Everything you find there, from the color of the sky and the smell of the air to the taste of traditional food and the quiet of the night, is nothing like our everyday universe. ”

"See you at Pensiunea Iara!" (Video)

It is an invitation made from the heart, in a setting that arouses emotions. It is a corner of heaven where the hosts put a lot of passion and dedication to ensure the comfort of those who step on their doorstep, respecting the specific traditional architecture…

1 December holiday, spent in Bușteni (PHOTO)

The beginning of this month caught us in Busteni. We took advantage of the December 1st mini-holiday and chose to spend a few days at the foot of the mountain. Busu was also announcing snow, so we stopped thinking, we equipped ourselves properly and we…