Some things you should NOT do this summer!

We are in full summer season. You know what you have to do, but do you know what it would be best to NOT do this summer?

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We are in full summer season and if you have not made your plans yet, you should hurry. You have probably already come across many articles that recommend what to do, where to go, what not to miss, what to check on the list.

But we tell you what we think it would be best to NOT do in the summer of 2017.

  1. Stay home

Over 170 millions of Americans have not taken a vacation in the last 12 months, according to the Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index. It is an exaggerated number for the days in which we live and where we have so many opportunities to travel. Get out of town, get in your car or plane! There are options for all pockets, and the positive effects are guaranteed!

  1. Go for safe options

That's right! We live in a time when terrorist attacks have come too close to us. But this should not stop us from traveling (as long as we avoid, of course, the dangerous areas).

Did you know that 48% of Americans have visited 10 or fewer states and that about 25 of millions of Americans have never seen the ocean (according to Motel 6)?

Plan a vacation abroad, choose exotic destinations like Hawaii, Florida or California - all worth visiting even in the hottest months of the year.

  1. Choose the same means of transport

Most people choose the car as a means of transport for the holidays. For example, last year, 84% of travelers (over 36 million people) rode their 4 July to their destinations and only 3,3 million Americans chose the plane.

We do not say to choose only the air path, but simply to rethink your holiday habits. Henrik Kjellberg, president of, a site specializing in last-minute deals, says he no longer uses taxis when he arrives at an airport, because now most airports allow Uber or Lyft access, much better options.

Plus, you can book your flight from the plane to avoid queuingsays Henrik.

  1. Wait until the last moment

For a long time, passengers were rewarded for their patience to wait until the last moment.

However, given that one of the main trends in 2017 is represented by great experiences, it would be good to make your plans early.

If you want to visit a natural park or tour the White House, you better book your tickets. The longer you wait, the less glamorous the summer vacation will be, says Dylan Gallagher, owner of San Francisco tour operator Orange Sky Adventures.

  1. Do it all

George Meyers, co-owner of a culinary tour operator, Cook in Tuscany, warns travelers that although, for example, Americans are trying to cover as many activities in a shorter period of time, it is best to avoid excesses.

Moderation is the best. Luggage does not have to be very large. It is good to know about the destination we will see and, he says, let's not try to do them all.

  1. Don't follow the rules

It is important to know the rules for all aspects of your vacation. Find out about the regulations of the airline you fly with, so you know what to expect if you cannot board or lose your luggage.

Take good care of your luggage, put them on labels so that it is easy for you to retrieve them. Richie Copelovitch from iFLY Luggage says it's important to keep that tag we receive with the boarding pass because it's useful when we need to find our luggage.

This summer may or may not be memorable. What we know for sure is that you don't have to do as everyone else does, stand in the queues or endure bad services.

The conclusion is as follows: this summer do NOT stay home. We recommend that you take your vacation differently, but with responsibility. Exit everyday patterns. Be more spontaneous and travel more!

What should you do this summer?

  1. Apply for a travel schedule

Global Entry allows you to get rid of queues from US airport customs or other land customs. It also includes the Transportation Security Administration's TSA PreCheck program.

A 5 year membership card in Global Entry costs 100 dollars and requires pre-registration online and a personal visit to the registration center, where an interview takes place, your identity document is verified and your fingerprint is taken. It is worth it if you get used to traveling more often every year.

  1. Find a good travel agent

A good travel agent will not only get you out of trouble, but you will find good deals. Call on trusted brands (American Express, Travel Leaders, Virtuoso), check sites for recommendations (American Society of Travel Agents) and the list can go on.

  1. Make travel insurance

Travel insurance it covers accidents, cancellations, lost luggage, medical expenses during the trip.

If you want to protect the investment you made this holiday, you should think about insurance.

If you want to have the option to cancel your departure at any time, there are insurances that allow you to do this and that gives you a percentage of the amount paid back.

Our only advice is: Travel responsibly!

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