Cathay Pacific donated the world's first Boeing 777 to the Arizona Museum (Photo / Video)

On September 18, Cathay Pacific and Boeing decided to donate the world's first triple seven contract to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Arizona.

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On September 18, Cathay Pacific and Boeing donated the first Boeing 2018-777 (WA200 and registered B-HNL) to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona. The aircraft flew from Hong Kong to Tucson, Arizona. Will be displayed alongside over 001 aircraft.

The first Boeing 777-200 (WA001 and registered B-HNL) operated the first flight on 12 June 1994. It has been used as a test aircraft in Boeing for several years.

Cathay Pacific donated the first Boeing 777

He joined the Cathay Pacific fleet in 2000. Officially, the aircraft was withdrawn from commercial service after 18 years, in May 2018. In all its activity at Cathay Pacific, the Boeing 777-200 (B-HNL) aircraft operated 20.519 flights, recording 49.687 flight hours.

Boeing 777-200-Cathay Pacific-wa001

Boeing 777-200-Cathay Pacific-wa001-b-HNL

Boeing 777-200-Cathay Pacific-wa001-b

In the 1990 years, Cathay Pacific was one of the few airlines that contributed to the development of the Boeing 777. At the moment, Cathay Pacific operates one of the largest fleet of triple seven aircraft, over 65 copies of the 777-200, 777-300 and 777-300ER models.

In the near future, Cathay Pacific will drop all 777-200 aircraft, and from 2012 will begin receiving new Boeing 777-9, 21 number aircraft.

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