Cathay Pacific Airways commissioned 21 from Boeing 777-9X aircraft

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On 20 December 2013, Cathay Pacific Airways placed an order for 21 of Boeing 777-9X aircraft and becomes the first carrier in ASIA to order new 777X aircraft. The order is valued at 7 billion dollars, calculated at the list price. But such orders also have considerable discounts from the manufacturer.

This order is part of the fleet development strategy for long-haul flights. Currently, Cathay Pacific Airways operates a fleet of 55 Boeing 777 aircraft (5 x 777-200; 12 x 777-300; 38 x 777-300ER).


Boeing launched the 777X program with commitments and record orders, within the Dubai Airshow 2013. To date, orders and commitments have been registered for 280 by Boeing 777X units, from five airlines: Lufthansa with 34 aircraft, Etihad Airways with 25 aircraft, Qatar Airways with 50 aircraft, Emirates with 150 aircraft and 21 aircraft. units from Cathay Pacific Airways. The total value of the airplanes ordered exceeds 100 of billions of dollars, calculated at the list price.


Boeing 777X will be the largest and most efficient 2 aircraft in the world. Boeing 777-9X will be able to carry up to 400 passengers over a maximum distance of 15 185 kilometers. It will offer the lowest operating cost per passenger compared to competing models. Boeing 777-8X will be able to carry up to 350 passengers over a maximum distance of 17 220 km. 777X aircraft will be powered by GE9X engines by GE Aviation. Boeing plans to start production of 777X in 2017 and the first delivery will be in 2020.

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