Find the ING characters and you can win a complete travel kit (contest)

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If we still have orange snow code in Bucharest, we come up with a challenge. Radu invited me to a competition, more specifically one Treasure Hunt. Together with you, those who read us, we must discover and photograph as many characters as possible at the RATB stations collated with ING, from Bucharest. Also part of the team Bogdan, a big fan of gadgets.


Are 20 of characters (Vampire, Tibi Hunter, Mrs. Amina and Peking George, Socaciu Rocker, Snail - Mr. Vifor, Father Marcel and baby Sorel, Martian Family, Girls from Capalna, Captain Agopian, Mrs. Cecilia, Taco and Paco, Mrs. and Mr. Titza, Grand Rossini, Mrs. Vichi, The Pamfil Chef, The East Robot, Mumia Rodrigo, Gina Gymnast, Ginuta Gymnast, Gineta Gymnast) and 60 of RATB stations which you can find on the site

You need to take one or more characters, upload photos to your facebook accounts, take links to photos and leave them in a comment on this article. This is how we find out who has photographed the most characters. The photos should be as clear as possible and you should mention the RATB stations where you took the pictures.

The purpose is to gather images with the 20 characters in a short time. The one who will photograph the most characters can win one of those 3 complete travel kits on the plane: umbrella, backpack, mug, pillow and blanket.

We have to hurry. Success in character hunting and I look forward to your comments with links to photos!

PS And if you still arrive at the ING glued RATB stations and take the photos, I recommend you to scan the QR-codes, embark the 20 characters and you have the chance to win, by drawing lots, a holiday in Amsterdam. Success! More information on

  1. Roxana says

    Vasile Parvan Station! 🙂

  2. Roxana says

    At the West station I met the girls from Capalna! 🙂

  3. Roxana says

    Father Gorjului with the Martian Family! 🙂

  4. Roxana says

    Live Carla in your Father Leo! 🙂

  5. Anna says
    pictures taken in Muncii Square, Alba Iulia Square, Tricodava, Ialomitei Valley.

  6. Roxana says

    A new ING character at New Times! 🙂

  7. Roxana says

    P-ta Unirii -

  8. Roxana says

    And another lady-character, also from the Union!

  9. Roxana says

    Pod spring! 🙂

  10. Roxana says

    One more character, this time from Calea Grivitei!

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