What is check-in? What is a boarding pass? How do I leave my hold baggage?

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In this article we will answer some questions we receive from the "beginners" in the flight. Obviously we all had a first flight and we faced different problems due to lack of knowledge.

It's not a shame to ask when you don't know something. No one was born an expert in flights and airplanes. We all evolved through practice and started with the related questions. What is check-in? What is a boarding pass? How do I leave my hold baggage?

But first let's start with plane ticket. This is an electronic document or record, issued by an airline or travel agency, which confirms that a person is entitled to a seat on a flight. It can be purchased on the day of the flight or in advance depending on the price and preferences. It can be purchased from a travel agency or on the airline's website. If you do not know how to buy a plane ticket, ask for the help of a friend, relative, a travel agent.

Mention the period of travel and request the desired services, such as hold baggage, catering service, a favorite place. The airline's search engine is accessed, travel data is entered, parameters are set according to the desired services and a fare results. If it is ok, continue the purchase with the completion of the transaction and payment of the plane ticket. Okay, you have a plane ticket, but the stress of the first flight doesn't stop there. The plane ticket is not enough!

You've probably heard of check-in. Personally, on the first flight, I was confused about check-in. I mean, I bought the plane ticket with all the services included, but what's the check-in?

Check-in is the procedure for registering passengers and their luggage at on board an airline or at the hotel. Mainly at check-in identity documents and travel tickets are verified. It is a standard procedure when it comes to flights and accommodation.

Each airline has its own packages and in the price of the flight you can have some services included, others are for money. When it comes to low-cost companies, most extra services are for a fee. So you have to be very careful about what you have included in the ticket price, what you can buy extra and what are the fees for extra services.

Speaking of check-in, we recommend that you do it online regardless of the airline you fly with, obviously where possible. There are cases when this service is not available and then you have to do it at the airport, at the check-in counter (that's what it's called).

How to check in online? Go to the page dedicated to this service on the website of the airline you are flying with. You must be careful when filling in your personal data - name, surname, travel document data (ID - series and number; Passport) etc.

Okay, you checked in online. What's the next step? Well, check-in results boarding pass. It can be saved in electronic or printed format. This is your boarding pass. Remember: not the plane ticket, but the boarding pass you need to get on the plane. It contains the name of the passenger, the seat on the plane, the services included, the hours for each stage before take-off (the time when the airport check-in office closes, the time when the boarding gate closes, etc.). Each airline can customize the boarding pass in electronic format.

You bought the plane ticket, checked in, prepared your ID, but what do you do if you have your hold baggage?

In this case, even if you have your online check-in done, you must go to the airport check-in desk to let hold baggage. It is weighed and receives a bar code associated with the owner's boarding pass. Once you have checked in online, the airline representative will no longer put your data in the system, being automatically taken over.

Once you have left your hold baggage, all you have to do is go to the security checkpoint, the border police office to check the documents and the boarding gate at the airport terminal. When boarding, present your boarding pass and ID (plus what is required in pandemic conditions). Then go to the plane according to the instructions. Observe your place on the boarding pass. Relax and enjoy the flights!

Let's conclude all these steps

  1. You buy plane ticket (online or from a travel agency / ticketing). Receive check-in information, when and where it can be done!
  2. make online check-in during the period of the ticket purchased. Result boarding pass that you have all the necessary information for the flight: the time when the baggage office closes (bag drop desk), the time at which the boarding gate closes (boarding gate), name, surname, services included, place;
  3. On the day of the flight, you show up at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight. If you have hold baggage, wait to be shown where the check-in desks are for the chosen flight and go to drop off your hold baggage (present your ID);
  4. Go to security control;
  5. After passing the security check and verification procedures, go to the boarding gate (boarding gate) registered on the monitors in the terminal;
  6. Wait for boarding to begin (boarding pass and ID are shown);
  7. Get on the plane and enjoy the flight!

These would be the steps you need to follow on most flights. Depending on the chosen airline, prices and services vary, but the precedent is the same.

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