Czech Republic lifts COVID entry restrictions for all travelers!

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From 9 April, all passengers will be able to enter the Czech Republic without being subject to the COVID-19 entry rules, as the authorities have decided to drop all restrictions.


The Czech Ministry of Health announced in a recent press release that the country will no longer apply the color coding system. This means that all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, can now enter the Czech Republic without restrictions.

"The Ministry of Health has repealed the existing protection measures regarding the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic and abroad. Anyone can travel to the Czech Republic without any restrictions, regardless of their country of origin. " it is shown in the communiqué of the ministry.

According to this statement, passengers will no longer be required to provide proof of COVID-19 on arrival. Thus, all travelers, even those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the disease, can now enter the territory of the Czech Republic without following additional rules.

The Czech Republic has already relaxed some of its internal restrictions on COVID-19. Travelers and citizens of the country are no longer required to wear a mask. In addition, the requirement to have a valid COVID-19 permit when participating in various public places and events has been removed.

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