Westray - Pope Westray with Loganair - the shortest commercial flight

The shortest commercial flight in the world: Westray - Papa Westray with Loganair.

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Has anyone thought about what might be the shortest operational commercial flight? I found him introduced by Ioana! It is a route operated by the airline Loganair, which connects the islands Westray and Father Westray from Orkney Archipelago, Scotland.

The shortest commercial flight in the world

The flight is fixed 2 minutes and is operated by aircraft Britten-Norman Islander by 8 places. If the weather is good and the wind is favorable, the flight can be done in 47 seconds. The route is operated from 1960.


I checked and the route is operational twice a day, one morning flight around 8 and one at noon around 15: 15. The fare is about 30 dollars and no onboard services are included.

Papa Westray Airport
Papa Westray Airport

Below you have a full-fledged video.

  1. LetsGO says

    out of curiosity did you forget and how much does the plane ticket cost?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I found the price - 30 dollars and no services on board the plane.

  2. Sorin says

    I searched and couldn't find the price. Maybe it is calculated on the spot :)

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