The best phones in 2022

The mobile phone is part of our daily life. We are no longer talking about a simple accessory, but an extension of ours. The smartphone is used daily, from the time we wake up until we close our eyes. Moreover, a mobile phone is extremely useful in our holidays and in all our daily activities.

The best phones of 2022

A good smartphone must meet a number of features, whether it falls into the premium category or is a low cost model. A good phone has a good battery life, comes with a top configuration and is equipped with a high-performance camera.

It is important for the mobile phone to be good, efficient, to withstand different climatic conditions, to have a very good autonomy and to move very fast.

There are hundreds of models on the market, ready to meet even the most demanding requests from users. Regardless of the screen size or advanced features, the top 2021 phones will surely inspire you to make the right choice.

The newest phones launched in 2022!

The best phones at 1500 lei

The best phones at 1000 lei

The charts are subjective! Depending on how you use it and the selection criteria, the rankings can certainly change. What phone do you use in your daily life? In your opinion, what is the best mobile phone on the market?