CFR has implemented the verification / validation and issuance of train travel cards through mobile devices!

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CFR Călători is taking important steps towards digitization. Let's hope that the times will come when train tickets are issued on paper and with the possibility of being paid only in cash. At least on the route North Station - Henri Coandă Airport - North Station you need more flexibility and technology. Below you have the press release issued by CFR Călători!

As part of the actions carried out to increase the degree of digitalization, CFR Călători implements from Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - after 14:00, a pilot project that facilitates the verification / validation and issuance of train travel cards through mobile devices.

The train staff will be equipped with devices composed of mobile devices

Train staff will be equipped with devices consisting of mobile devices equipped with NFC (for contactless card payment) and barcode / QR code scanning capabilities, as well as thermal printers for ticket printing.

The implemented solution includes ensuring data transmission (between mobile devices and the central architecture of the system), MDM solution (management and security of the device fleet) and software for issuing and validating tickets on board trains, as an integral part of the electronic transmission system XSell currently used by CFR Călători.

For transactions through the use of contactless electronic payment instruments, a collaboration protocol was concluded for testing the software application, Alpha PhonePOS, provided by Alpha Bank Romania, the first Tap to Phone application launched by a bank on the local market.

The project represents a stage of digitization and automation of CFR Călători's internal commercial processes, while respecting the WHO recommendations on reducing cash payments in the context of the COVID pandemic 19.

In the first stage, the pilot project includes the 60 trains on the route Bucharest North - Henri Coanda Airport and return where passengers have the opportunity to purchase train tickets with their payment with any type of contactless electronic payment device (Mastercard or Visa ): card, phone, watch or smart bracelet. Subsequently, in a maximum of 45 days, the solution will be implemented to the train staff serving the sleeping cars and berths..

Completing the implementation of this solution on all sleeping cars and berths will ensure a faster, easier service of passengers on the train and reduce the time limit for purchasing tickets online for these cars, so that the passenger can buy / buy tickets online at berth wagon or slept up to about 15 minutes before the train left the boarding station.

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