CFR Călători temporarily adjusts the train traffic. See the list of suspended trains!

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In the context of lower traffic demand at certain times and on certain travel relationships during this period, in order to make efficient use of resources, the following passenger trains will be temporarily suspended, as follows:

Îstarting with July 26, 2021

  • train IR 1771 on the route Bucharest North - Galați
  • train IR 1772 on the route Galati - Bucharest North
  • train IR 1787 on the route Bucharest North - Pitești
  • train IR 1595 on the route Bucharest North - Craiova
  • Starting with July 30, 2021 the train IR 1738 with the route Cluj Napoca - Râmnicu Vâlcea
  • Starting with July 31, 2021 the train IR 1739 in the relationship Râmnicu Vâlcea - Cluj Napoca
  • Starting with 01/02 August 2021 the train IR 1854 / -1 in the relation Iași - București Nord
  • Starting with 02/03 August 2021 the train IR 1853 / -2 in relation between Bucharest North and Iași

Passengers have at their disposal all the other trains running on the respective routes.

Refund of tickets, cancellation of travel

Passengers who have tickets / season tickets for the affected trains and want to cancel the trip, will receive, upon request, the equivalent value for the non-completed journey, according to the Railway Transport Regulations in force. More details on the conditions for refunding shipping rates are available on in the Internal Traffic section.

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