Changes to the PLF form: the PLF form can be completed up to 72 hours before entering Romania!

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On Thursday, the government announced new changes in completing the digital form for entering Romania. Thus, travelers will be able to complete the form with a maximum of 72 hours before entering the country, compared to 24 so far, and the minimum threshold of the fine has been reduced from 2.000 to 500 lei, announced on Thursday in a conference press release, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu. At the same time, some categories of persons exempted from completing the PLF were established.

The amendments were approved by an emergency ordinance adopted at the Government meeting on Thursday.

Thus, the deadline for completing the PLF has been extended, from 24 hours before entering the country to 72 hours before entering the country. The form can also be completed 24 hours after entering the country.

"If until now we had 24 hours to complete this form, we extended this period to 72 hours before using the form. Moreover, there are the 24 hours after the transition in which this form can be presented. Completing this form is considered complete when the data are correct, because if we enter erroneous or incomplete data, it is not called that we have filled it in ", said the Secretary of State from the Ministry of Health.

Also, the amount of fines was also reduced, respectively the minimum threshold decreased from 2.000 to 500 lei. According to Andrei Baciu, the persons who challenged the fine in court, if they are finally fined, will receive a fine of 500 lei.

At the same time, the GEO also establishes categories of persons who are exempted from completing the PLF:

a) aircraft pilots and their navigating personnel, as well as locomotive drivers and railway personnel;

b) drivers of motor vehicles with a maximum authorized capacity of more than 2,4 tonnes for the carriage of goods, as well as drivers of motor vehicles with more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat, who
provides transport for people;

c) maritime and river navigation personnel, as well as personnel serving the maritime platforms;

d) the navigating personnel embarked on board the ships, helicopters and the personnel serving the maritime platforms located in the exclusive economic zone of Romania and who do not move on the territory of another state;

e) the police officers who participate in missions to bring to Romania, under escort, the persons pursued internationally and those transferred in order to continue the execution of the prison sentence in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 302/2004, republished, with subsequent amendments and completions;

f) the personnel involved in the execution of the patient transport missions of the medical service to and from the health units located outside the Romanian territory.

g) persons who cross the state border at least once in 24 hours in order to travel to work.

CAREFUL!!! These measures will be applied from February 7, 2022.

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