Changing a Wheel to a Boeing 777-300ER Alitalia (Video)

I'm traveling by plane for over 8 years. We collected hundreds of flights, thousands of miles flown, dozens of destinations visited. Most of the flights were in Europe.

We started with 4 KLM flights on the route Bucharest - Amsterdam - Berlin and back. I also flew with low-cost operators. But every time I climbed confidently into the crew and the plane.

I trust that the technicians do their job very well, I am convinced that the pilots on the sleeve deserve their seats. I'm confident in the cabin crew.

Changing a wheel to a Boeing 777

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, Alitalia shows us in a short video how the wheel of a Boeing 777-300ER is changed.

The triple seven aircraft has 14 wheels, and every 300 of cycles (landings and take-offs) the tires must be changed. Obviously, the technicians do not stand to take the tire off the wheel directly on the platform, where everything is done per second. So it changes the wheel altogether.

A Boeing 777 wheel has 134 inches in diameter and 120 pounds with a tire. After installation, the technician checks the pressure, which must be 220psi.

The pictures show how the other tires showed traces of wear, and Alitalia assures us that all have been changed according to the regulation.

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