Check-in at the airport for flights to / from Lisbon

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Due to the additional security requirements in Portugal, Blue Air is required to request passengers traveling from / to Lisbon, information about identity documents and final destination, during the ticket reservation process.


Consequently, starting with July 1 2013, the online check-in service is no longer available for flights to Lisbon (Portugal). The check-in will be able to be performed at the airport and is free, for both Bucharest - Lisbon and Lisbon - Bucharest flights.

Smart Weekend 5-7 iulie

And as the weekend approaches, Blue Air has announced a new promotion Smart Weekend with 14,99% discount for flights to / from Lisbon, Turin (Cuneo) and Venice!

Between 5 and 7 July you can plan your trips for the routes:
Bucharest - Lisbon, Lisbon - Bucharest
Bacău - Turin (Cuneo), Turin (Cuneo) - Bacău
Bucharest - Venice, Venice - Bucharest

The travel period is: 5 July - 14 September 2013 for Lisbon, 5 July - 26 October 2013 for Turin and 5 July - 10 September 2013 for Venice.

  1. Vlad says

    How do you explain then that at TAP the checkin can still be done online?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      TAP is a Portuguese company. It is normal to have certain facilities. Plus TAP is a full service company and can otherwise guarantee certain actions…

  2. Vlad says

    Good… and then why at Wizz you can check online at / from Luton, at Blue, again NO ??

    I think the problem is elsewhere in fact…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I haven't checked on Luton if it can be done. I don't even know if they had Luton check-in online. I didn't fly with Blue and Wizz to London.

      What is certain is that the situations differ from company to company and from airport to airport. Did you know that Wizz does not guarantee a visa to Dubai, but TAROM and FlyDubai do? A valid example now. But Wizz says he is trying to solve the problems until he inaugurates the low-cost flights between Bucharest and Dubai…

      1. Sorin Rusi says

        And it's not a tragedy that it's not done online. Moreover, it is no longer paid at the airport… Wizz charges heavily if you do not check in online and want to do it at the airport…

  3. Vlad says

    I'm sorry to tell you, but neither Tarom nor flyfubai guarantees a visa for Dubai, but offers assistance in obtaining it. If you read carefully the terms and conditions of the ticket you will see that these airlines do not assume any responsibility in case the passenger is refused the visa application!

    As for the online check-in at Blue air, I can tell you from very reliable sources the following: on the flights where the online check-in is available, the boarding agents "catch" on average 3 passengers / flight with hand luggage that does not fit specified who are required to pay a ridiculously high fee at the gate. For the flights where the check is made at the airport at the counter, the hand luggage is weighed, and on average 15 passengers pay the excess. Do your own calculations… I don't know where to get more money….

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I have no calculations to make. If the passengers respected the rules ... everything would be perfect. Let's try to follow the rules and stop looking for solutions to theft and theft. I flew with several airlines and always followed the rules of each one. I had no problems! It's simple 🙂

      I really want to catch everyone who doesn't follow the rules. I came from Madrid and a young passenger wanted to get on the plane with a suitcase larger than the limit and with 16 Kg. Well, where do we wake up like that? Aviation is not a village without dogs… And no exception to the regulations.

      I'll tell you something else. How many do I check in online for low-cost flights? Maybe most. But do you know how angry he is that he has to pay for it at the airport? far more than those caught with baggage that exceed the permissible limits. So free airport check-in on flights to / from Lisbon is really ok.

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