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About Mobile Check

TAROM offers its new service, Mobile Check-in, a product that comes with the benefits of a quick trip both at check-in and boarding without having to use the paper boarding pass. Mobile Check-in is available on all mobile phones, with internet access and does not require additional application downloads. Mobile Check-in is available for TAROM flights with 30 hours and up to 60 minutes before take-off time.

Mobile Check-in allows you to:

* Register yourself;
* Select places using the place map;
* Send the boarding pass to your mobile phone and / or e-mail address.

To display or collect your boarding pass (if you do not receive it on your cellphone or email), choose any of the following:

-Click the link contained in the text message received on your mobile phone or email address;
-Present yourself at the "Drop Off" counter at the airport.

How to access Mobile Check

Visit the TAROM website on your mobile phone and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the Tarom website where you will find the mobile check-in functionality or directly type on the mobile phone browser.

To perform mobile check-in:
* Select the "mobile check-in" option and then "start check-in";
* Enter the frequent flyer card number or the electronic ticket (13 digits) and the name, flight number, departure date, departure airport;
* Click on the flight / route number then select the place, enter your mobile phone number and e-mail address, check if you follow the instructions regarding the transport of dangerous goods in luggage and then click on "confirm";
* Update your passport information, if requested, confirm that the data is correctly entered as in the passport;
* The boarding pass is displayed on the screen and is also sent to your mobile phone and / or email address.

Mobile Check can be used by all passengers holding electronic tickets except:

* Passengers in need of medical assistance
* Unaccompanied minors
* Passengers traveling with children under the age of 2 years
* Passengers traveling with children
* Passengers traveling in a group and are registered as a group in the reservation, more than 9
* Passengers traveling on a trolley
* Passengers requiring a wheelchair
* deportees
* Passengers with requests for special services (special meals, special forms of additional place identification, weapons, etc.)

For departures from SOFIA, TEL AVIV and all airports in the country (except - Bucharest), you can use the mobile check-in service, but the boarding pass will be picked up from the check-in counter according to the procedures of the local border authorities.

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