Chengdu Airlines received the first Comac ARJ21-700

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At the end of November, Comac, the Chinese aircraft manufacturer, delivered first ARJ21-700 by Chengdu Airlines. Comac ARJ21-700 (MSN 106) took off from Shanghai Dachang Airport and, after a flight of 2 hours and 48 minutes, landed at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport.


Comac says the delivery of the aircraft is a major step forward for China's aviation industry. By delivering this aircraft, Comac demonstrates its ability to complete the design, testing, certification and delivery of commercial aircraft. Certified in December 2014, the ARJ21 model has been in development for 12 years, with a delay of approximately 8 years.

The aircraft will enter commercial service in the coming weeks, being prepared for domestic flights, including to: Beijing, Xian, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Chengdu Airlines still has 29 units ordered.

Comac ARJ21-700 can carry between 78 and 90 of passengers, depending on the configuration chosen. Provides range up to 2200 km in Standard Range or up to 3700 km in Extended Range. Also part of the ARJ21 family is the ARJ21-900 model, which offers up to 105 seating capacity.

Program Comac ARJ21 has accumulated orders for 162 aircraft, most of which came from airline operators in China and from leasing companies.

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