"Chic stewardess cocktail" - the first party of stewardesses in Romania

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The Inspayer Palace hosted on 3 the first Romanian party dedicated to stewards in July. Over 100 of guests, former, current and future Stewards, as well as people passionate about aviation, met at "Chic stewardess cocktail”, A unique event prepared by the team I want to be a Stewardess.

Among the special guests of the evening were stewardesses with thousands of hours of active flight: Monica Sisu, Tarom (cabin chief with 15 years of aviation experience, head of the Customer Service department), Marieta Ionescu, Tarom (cabin chief with over 20 years of aviation experience), Laura Resiga, former stewardess at Etihad Airways (8 years of aviation experience and 10.000 flight hours), Camelia Ioanaș, former stewardess of Qatar Airways (7 years experience), Eliza Mona Vasile, former stewardess of Qatar Airways (7 years experience).


The cocktail started with a short presentation session, in which the guests had the opportunity to meet the members of the team "I want to be a Stewardess" and to learn from career stewardesses what it is like to have the "office" among the clouds, what involves the job of flight attendant and how you manage to cope with the less pleasant events on board.

The party marks a year since the project I Want to Be a Stewardess was launched in the online environment, during which time it reached a community of over 40.000 of monthly readers and over 150 of published articles. Moreover, in June 2014, I Want to Be a Stewardess receives the Special Project of the Year award at the Digital Divas Award Gala.

“It was a beautiful year, a year in which I worked hard and I grew up. We wanted to meet those who read us daily and celebrate with them the achievements of the first 12 months of the project I want to be a Stewardess. Chic stewardess cocktail was the perfect opportunity for us to face future stewardesses with experienced flight attendants, people who managed to make a career in aviation and enjoy every day their work, ”said Anca Dumitrescu, co-founder I want to be a Stewardess

AirlinesTravel.ro was the media partner for this event and we are proud of it.

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