Chic stewardess cocktail - an event with and about stewardesses

Chic stewardess cocktail - an event with and about stewardesses, airplanes and powerful women.

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On 3 July, "I want to be a Stewardess" organizes a special project - "Chic Stewardess Cocktail". You will have the opportunity to chat with career stewardesses, people who are passionate about aviation, or just socializing with people who share the same passion for flying.

The "Chic stewardess cocktail" party is a unique event in Romania and brings together people with significant aviation experience (representatives of airlines, aviation schools, career stewards). A special evening is announced where all our guests have one important point in common: the passion for flying and airplanes. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet the members of the team "I want to be a Stewardess", with whom you can interact during a special session of questions and answers about the stewardess career.

The project "I want to be a Stewardess" has already been better than 9 months since it was launched in the online environment and almost a year since its construction began. Last year, in July, the foundations of the project were laid, and on September 26 the first platform in Romania dedicated to the future on-board companions was officially launched. From then until now, the "I want to be a Stewardess" community has gathered around 40.000 of unique monthly readers and a team of professionals with tens of thousands of hours of active flying. Moreover, in June 2014, "I want to be a Stewardess" received the award for The special project of the year in the Digital Divas Award Gala.

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