China has introduced a train that can reach 600 km / h

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While trains in Romania are "crawling" on rails with a wonderful speed of 60 km / h (on average), China has just introduced a train that can reach speeds of 600 km / h. It is a maglev train, which was developed in China and manufactured in Qingdao.

With the help of electromagnetic force, the maglev train levitates over the railway without any contact between the body and the rails. Basically, this will be the fastest land transport vehicle.

The paradox is that those who developed this train do not have an infrastructure too developed for them. China has a maglev line from Shanghai to the main airport in the region. However, the development of maglev trains also comes with interest in such high-speed lines.

At this speed, a maglev train could travel the distance between Beijing and Shanghai in about 2.5 hours. In comparison, currently this distance of over 1000 kilometers is covered in 5.5 hours by high-speed train and about 2 hours by plane (depending on the plane, the duration can even increase to 3 hours).

In the near future, we will see many maglev networks in operation, including in Japan and Germany. Several European countries have considered developing the railway line to replace short flights, thus reducing CO2 emissions. In Romania we only dream of a high-performance railway network, so we will continue to build airports!

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