China Southern Airlines - a fleet of 2000 aircraft by 2035

In the aviation industry, long-term plans are made. Airlines set a development plan on 10-15 years in advance. And, according to the development plan, aircraft purchases are made. China Southern Airlines wants a fleet of 2000 aircraft to 2035.

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China Southern Airlines, one of ASIA's largest airlines, unveiled its development plan to 2035. According to company officials at World Routes 2018 in Guangzhou, China, China Southern Airlines wants a fleet of 2000 aircraft to 2035. Currently, China Southern Airlines owns 800 aircraft, and until 2020 the fleet reaches 1000 aircraft.

2000 from planes to 2035

IATA has estimated the Chinese market at 1.5 billion passengers by 2035, and Boeing has estimated that Chinese operators will buy 7690 from new aircraft to 2035. If we look at the 2 estimates, we can conclude that the plan developed by China Southern Airlines is a workable one.

Currently, China Southern Airlines owns 800 aircraft, most of them dedicated to short, regional and medium-sized flights. But the plan for the future includes accelerated expansion internationally, including to destinations in South America.

China Southern Airlines is Asia's largest airline in terms of passenger numbers. In 2017, it carried over 126 millions of passengers.

279 orders for Airbus and Boeing aircraft

China Southern's current fleet consists of Boeing aircraft, 787, 777, 757, 747 and 737, and Airbus aircraft, A380, A350, A330, A321, A320 and A319.

But let's look at the orders placed, registered until August 31 2018. China Southern Airlines has placed orders at Boeing for 72 of 737 family aircraft (737 MAX and 737-800); 8 x 777-300ER and 14 x 787-9. It also has orders placed on Airbus, in total 185 of airplanes: 25 x A320ceo; 6 x A321ceo; 92 x A320neo; 40 x A321neo; 2 x A330-300; 20 x A350-900.

To reach the target, China Southern Airlines should speed up the process of buying aircraft. Slots are limited to manufacturers!

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