China Southern Airlines waives order for Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

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Dean Saxby, key account manager for China Southern Airlines in the United Kingdom, said that the Chinese airline has canceled order for 64 of 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Currently, China Southern Airlines has 26 fleet of 737 MAX aircraft. However, due to 2 casualties, all MAX aircraft were crashed to the ground. Chinese officials have decided to give up this aircraft model because it is not known exactly when they will be able to return in flight, but also because it does not greatly affect their future plans.

China Southern Airlines still has over 150 aircraft, including 78 x a320neo; 24 x A321neo; 19 x A350-900 and 8 x 787-8.

China Southern Airlines waives 737 MAX 8

According to the statement by Dean Saxby, the China Southern Airlines fleet would number over 840 aircraft and represent the 3 fleet in the world. The information is partially true.

China Southern Airline has 618 aircraft, to which we can add fleets of subsidiaries XiamenAir (167 of airplanes), Hebei Airlines (29 of airplanes) and other smaller companies within the group. At the end of the 2018 year, China Southern Airlines is in the middle of the ranking in a top made by us. But 2019 will bring new position changes.

Although order for 56 of 737 MAX 8 aircraft has been canceled, China Southern Airlines officials want to increase the fleet to 1000 of aircraft by the end of 2020.

China Southern Airlines wants the 3 daily slot at Heathrow

In addition to statements about the fleet, Dean Saxby mentioned that China Southern Airlines wants the 3rd daily slot at Heathrow International Airport - London. But Chinese officials do not want to pay much for it. They certainly want to pay $ 75 million, the amount paid by Oman Air in 2016.

China Southern Airlines currently has 2 daily slots in London. One flies daily from Guangzhou. While the second daily slot is used for weekly flights from 3 to Chinese destinations.

Dean Saxby also did not rule out the fact that China Southern Airlines can target other airports in the UK.

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