Christian Heinzmann remains CEO at TAROM

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The new Board of Directors of TAROM met yesterday, 14 November 2013, during the first meeting in the current formula.

Following the discussions, Mister. Dante Stein was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Manuel Donescu vice-president of the Board of Directors. In addition, the members of the Council established the first working committees, namely: the Corporate Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee.

At the same time, during the meeting it was decided to invalidate the contractual reduction of the executive director's term of office, Mr. Christian Heinzmann, from 4 years to 1 year as contrary to the statutory provisions and discussed aspects related to the start of its evaluation process, according to the provisions of the GMS.

The members of the Board of Directors have proposed that, during this term, take all measures to make TAROM a company of which the Romanians are proud.

Dante Stein, Chairman of the Board of Directors:

“We will mobilize all the forces that play an important role in maximizing the performance of this company and we will do this professionally, with transparency and responsibility. I appreciate the fact that TAROM, being a majority state-owned company, is of high interest to the public, but I would like to see less debate in the press from now on and instead focus on solving the company's problems. TAROM has a strategic position as ambassador of Romania. We want to relaunch it so that it can occupy the place it deserves. "


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