Christmas fairs in Romania: Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj, Oradea, Timisoara!

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We are a few weeks away until the most awaited holiday of the year - the Christmas holiday. The Nativity is a Christian holiday celebrated on December 25 or January 7 each year. It is part of the 12 royal feasts of the Byzantine rite churches.

Christmas is, in addition to the Christian holiday, a period with many traditions and customs. We mention here carols, plays with religious motives, plentiful meals and the tradition of gifts brought by Santa Claus.

Christmas fairs in Romania

Until Christmas, we will have Christmas fairs, this street event associated with the Christmas holiday. These Christmas fairs have their origins in Germany, but are now organized in many countries around the world. Christmas fairs in Europe are the most globally famous, especially in Austria and Germany. At the Christmas fairs you can enjoy mulled wine, shopping, you can taste traditional dishes dedicated to Christmas and you can even participate in the concerts organized throughout the fair. It is a good opportunity to go out with family or friends and get into the Christmas spirit.

In Romania, the tradition of the Christmas fair does not have a long history, but it was quickly adopted by most major cities in the country. For example, the Christmas Fair in Sibiu was launched with the European capital. Cluj, Timisoara or Brasov have adopted this tradition and have managed to attract more and more visitors from one year to another. Bucharest is not inferior either, it is only the capital of Romania.

In 2021, under the aegis of the pandemic and restrictions, the authorities in several cities decided to organize the Christmas Fair.

Bucharest Christmas Fair

Bucharest Christmas Fair opens on November 26 and will be held in the University Square. Access will be by ticket and with digital certificate COVID-19. The fair will be organized on the esplanade with statues in the University Square and will last until December 26, 2021.

For the first time in the history of Christmas fairs, access will be based on a ticket, which can be purchased online or directly at the entrance, but also based on the COVID digital green certificate valid only in case of vaccination or illness.

Tickets will be for a full day. One will cost 5 lei if you buy it online. It will cost 7 lei at the fair counter, he informs Vitalie Cojocari. Children under 12 have free admission!

 "There will also be season-specific flavors: cakes, cakes, pies, lollipops, gingerbread, homemade chocolate, hot drinks or snacks.", Transmitted the mayor's office led by Nicușor Dan.

From November 26, at the Christmas Fair in Bucharest, visitors will find daily inspiration for seasonal shopping and gifts: handicrafts, hand-painted globes, bells, wreaths, decorations and ornaments. There will also be season-specific flavors: cakes, cakes, pies, lollipops, gingerbread, homemade chocolate, hot drinks or snacks.

  • Period: November 26, 2021 - December 26, 2021
  • Entry: based on ticket and digital certificate COVID-19

Sibiu Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair in Sibiu is organized annually since 2007, the year in which Sibiu was the European Capital. We can say that it is one of the pioneer fairs in Romania. There were years when the Christmas Fair in Sibiu was in the top of the most beautiful European fairs.

This year, the fair will be organized in the Great Square and will be open between November 26, 2021 - January 2, 2022. In order to have access, people must present the Covid green certificate, the organizers announced.

"It's official! This year the magic of Christmas returns to the Great Square, between November 26 and January 2! We will have an edition adapted to the new safety conditions, so that we can fully enjoy the Holidays", Announced, on Thursday, on Facebook, the organizers of the Christmas Fair in Sibiu - informs

  • Period: November 26, 2021 - January 2, 2022
  • Entry: free and based on the green COVID-19 certificate

Oradea Christmas Fair

Ho Ho Ho! Between December 3, 2021 - January 2, 2022, we will once again enjoy the magic of the Winter Holidays, at the Oradea Christmas Fair! Small houses with goodies, childhood sweets, decorations and the most beautiful Christmas gifts will sit neatly around the Christmas tree in Unirii Square, under thousands of enchanted lights.

The Christmas Fair in Oradea is a cultural project organized by the City Hall of Oradea through the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and region (APTOR).

  • Period: December 3, 2021 - January 2, 2022
  • Free entrance

The Christmas Fair in Cluj-Napoca

The Christmas Fair in Cluj-Napoca will take place this year between November 26, 2021 - December 31, 2021. Mayor Emil Boc, declared on Friday, on a local radio station, that only a little over 2000 people from Cluj will have simultaneous access at this year's edition of the Christmas Fair.

"According to the laws in force today, the Christmas Fair can be organized with a percentage of 30% of the space capacity. We have 7.000 square meters in Unirii Square, and 30% means a maximum of 2.100 people simultaneously in the fair. Under these conditions, the fair will be organized in a small format, about 35 houses will be abandoned, compared to 2019. There will be 46 houses with traditional products, handicrafts made by folk craftsmen, Santa's house, the dome of lights, Christmas tree and street animation. There will be no stage, just to be more space and free, the artistic program will be only in the fir area", Transmitted the mayor Emil Boc, informs

  • Period: November 26, 2021 - December 31, 2021
  • Entry: free and based on the digital certificate COVID-19

The Christmas Fair in Timișoara

This year, the Christmas Fair in Timișoara will be organized a little differently than in previous years. Specifically, an ice rink will be set up on the plateau in front of the Opera, and an amusement park will be located in the Modex car park. There will also be places to serve food, but they will only be moved to the side of the Opera, on the pedestrian street Mărășești, where food trucks with all kinds of goodies will be parked, informs

"In Libertății Square we will have a stage and we will also have craftsmen and craftsmen. On Alba Iulia Street we will have only lights, and in the area from the Cathedral, where the manger is traditionally located, we will have a craftsman who will manually sculpt the characters from the manger", He stated for Camelia Mingasson, director of the House of Culture of Timisoara.

The festive opening of the Christmas Fair will take place on the National Day, on December 1, and the events will take place until January 15, 2022.

  • Period: December 1, 2021 - January 15, 2022
  • Free entrance

The Christmas Fair in Craiova

Craiova started the winter celebrations "Magic Worlds". Craiova entered the atmosphere of the winter holidays starting with Friday, November 26, at 18:00, when over a million light bulbs were lit in the central area - Mihai Viteazul Square, Old Center and William Shakespeare Square, on Calea București, but also in Nicolae Romanescu Park.

Winter events, gathered under the umbrella of "Magic Worlds", include surprises for all ages, from shows with famous guests such as the Zurli Gang - on December 1, 18.00, to story houses with handmade products, unique gifts for loved ones, decorations, mulled wine and other goodies, but also carousel, Santa's workshop or skating rink.

On the stage located in the Old Center - Frații Buzești Square, performances are scheduled every weekend evening, between 18.00 - 20.00, until December 23, 2021, with artists from cultural institutions in Craiova, but also with surprise guests.

The events from the "Magic Worlds" series in Craiova are meant to help us get into the spirit of the winter holidays, at the end of a year with many trials. All you need for access to the cottages is good will, a mask and keeping your distance. The vaccination certificate or proof of passing through the disease are required only in the perimeter of the stage, when the weekend shows are organized.

  • Period: November 26, 2021 - January 9, 2022
  • Free entrance

The list of Christmas Fairs in Romania remains open and we will update it based on the information announced by the authorities from different localities.

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