TAROM figures for 2012 - 2.19 million passengers transported

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TAROM announces the results recorded in the year 2012 regarding the number of passengers and the degree of loading on the flights performed. Regarding the number of passengers carried by TAROM in the year 2012 on the regular flights, it remained at the same level as that of the year 2011, respectively 2.19 million passengers carried. The number of passengers remained constant despite the decrease with 5% of the capacity offered on all the regular flights of the company.

TAROM carried in the year 2012 a number of 2.034.551 passengers on all its regular flights, both domestic and foreign, the rest of the passengers up to the figure of 2.19 millions coming from charter and code-share passengers. Due to measures to optimize the route network and change the number of frequencies on certain destinations, the loading rate of TAROM routes increased to 66% in 2012 compared to 61% in 2011.

However, I find the loading degree very low compared to many other airlines that operate flights from Bucharest to different destinations with TAROM. The situation should be analyzed and I believe that the operational network can be made more efficient. TAROM services are quite good, the company has a good image in the market, the prices are competitive and yet something is not linked. Maybe 2013 will be a better year!

  1. Alex says

    This is exactly the problem, the prices… well to London cost about 250 euros with Tarom and about 200 euros with British Airways, so why would I choose Tarom? And there are so many destinations, the man prefers a flight with a short stopover, Lufthansa, for example, at 180 eur than to give Tarom 250 or even more. I think that the official website should be modified, when you open it, you should immediately see the offers…

  2. Sorin says

    That with the promotion of offers is really a problem. Regarding prices, it depends on the periods. A few times I found it cheaper at Tarom than BA. You have to juggle the booking data a bit…

    There are many destinations where TAROM has much better prices than its competitors, but it does not promote them and the world has remained set on the idea that TAROM is expensive… But it is no longer so…

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