Cyprus opens schools on February 8. See what other internal measures will be relaxed.

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From 1 February, Cyprus announced that it would relax a number of internal measures. These were in force between January 10 and January 31, 2021, and from February 1 they will be gradually relaxed.

Cyprus opens schools on February 8.

As of February 1, 2021: reopening of barbershops, hairdressing salons and beauty salons; increase from 25% to 50% of the percentage of staff that can be present at work, without a minimum and maximum number of people; visits remain prohibited, except for up to two persons visiting their 1st and / or 2nd degree relatives.

From 8 February, Cyprus shall relax the following measures:

  • reopening of public and private primary schools, and in the case of high schools and technical schools, only terminal classes;
  • reopening stores retail, including shopping malls;
  • reopening of bookmakers, only for the purpose of completing the tickets, without the use of tables and relaxation areas;
  • reopening of museums and archeological sites;
  • religious services in places of worship may take place in the presence of a maximum number of 50 people, in accordance with the sanitary protocol;
  • increasing the number of people who can be visited from 2 to 4;
  • reopening of theaters and cinemas, with a maximum number of 50 spectators;
  • practicing outdoor sports in specially arranged spaces, in parks and on beaches, with a maximum number of 5 participants, regardless of age, including the coach;
  • practicing the collective training for the football teams from the second division and resuming the matches, without spectators, starting with February 13;
  • practicing training for teams in CFA divisions with a maximum of 5 people, including the coach, or personal trainer.

Measures remaining in force after 1 February 2021:

The movement of persons is prohibited from 21.00 to 05.00 with the following exceptions:
(a) Travel to and from work, as well as for work reasons by submitting form A completed and signed by the employer;
(b) Travel to / from the medical center, hospital, pharmacy or veterinarian for emergency medical reasons, as well as travel for emergency care of persons who are unable to care for themselves or who are in isolation;

Prohibition of assemblies, public or social events (regardless of private or public space, internal or external);

Prohibition of assemblies, public or social events (regardless of private or public space, internal or external);

Prohibition of gatherings in open-air public places, such as markets, promenade or leisure areas, etc., except for physical sports purposes in parks and beaches, provided that they do not exceed two people;

Travel authorization granted by sms within two text messages per day per person. The reasons for the travel that may be allowed will be announced later by the authorities;

Mandatory telework in the public sector and in local government, with the exception of essential services, which are included in the decree to be issued by the authorities.

Construction sites and construction-related enterprises / sectors, production sectors, beverage and food retailers and other retail enterprises to be established by the Ministry of Labor do not suspend their activity;

Tattoo centers, theaters, cinemas, open-air amphitheaters, dining and entertainment halls, shopping malls, shops, playgrounds, gyms, dance schools, other schools suspend their activity;

High school education (except for final classes) will be done online, in accordance with the guidelines sent to schools / universities by the Ministry of Education;

Nurseries, kindergartens and preschools will continue to operate;

Matches from the first professional division championships are allowed, without the presence of spectators. The matches from division B, are resumed from February 13, 2021, without spectators. All other tournaments, as well as sports activities for people under 18, are suspended. The leagues of categories B and C will be able to train in compliance with the established protocols.

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