Cyprus and Tunisia, the star countries of this summer on which tourism companies are betting!

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Summer is approaching and tourists are awaited with increasingly attractive holiday offers, on the last hundred meters.

This summer's star destinations are Cyprus and Tunisia, increasingly in vogue for tourists, alongside the well-known ones Crete (Greece) or Antalya (Turkey), which remain preferred by over 50% of Romanians when it comes to holidays.

Eurostat statistics looks like Cyprus leads the list of destinations with the highest growth in popularity, recording over 20% more tourists in the last year. Moreover, Europeans are going on vacations more and more often, with tourism in Europe increasing by 6% in 2023 compared to the previous year, representing 2.9 billion nights of accommodation.

Romanian tourists have started to orient themselves towards other destinations than the classic Greece and Turkey - for example Cyprus and Tenerife, or more exotic, but still close to home, such as tunisia. Through motivates include the desire for authentic experiences and cultural diversity, in addition to hospitality and special landscapes.

Cipru, versatile island, attracts tourists from various categories, offering beautiful beaches awarded with the famous BLUE FLAG award, fun in bars and clubs for groups of friends, but also religious and historical attractions, with picturesque monasteries in the Troodos mountains, ancient monuments, Mediterranean landscapes, as well as quality services and All-Inclusive resorts. In 2017, Paphos became the cultural center of Europe. With a vibrant culture and historical artefacts such as Commandaria wine, the world's oldest wine, Cyprus is a destination for active holidays.

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