City break Oradea: the flight with Blue Air during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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I spent last weekend in Oradea, a beautiful and chic town in another Romania. We were impressed by the colors and architecture, but especially the fact that the city was rehabilitated and put on the tourist map of Romania and on the network of cities with Art Nouveau architecture.

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, there aren't many alternatives to travel for tourism. So we took advantage of the Blue Air offer and chose to fly internally Bucharest - Oradea. We chose to be tourists in our country.

In this article we will tell you briefly about the 2 flights: Bucharest - Oradea and Oradea - Bucharest. We chose to travel light, with small luggage of 6kg. For 2 nights I didn't need more.

On domestic flights, the only control is baggage and security. So the presence at the airport is not necessary more than 1.5-2 hours before take-off time. And only if you want to stop by the check-in desks to leave your luggage or take your boarding pass.

We arrived at the airport around 8 o'clock, without too much crowding. I went directly to the luggage control and in 10-15 minutes I was already at the boarding gate for Oradea. We had to stay in the waiting room for about 1.5 hours. I mention that I had the check-in done online and the boardingpass printed.

From the entrance to the airport and throughout the flights, all passengers are required to wear a mask on their nose and mouth. Except when eating or drinking fluids.

Bucharest - Oradea with Blue Air

0B3077 Bucharest 10:45 - 11:40 Oradea
0B3078 Oradea 12:25 - 13:20 Bucharest

The hours are very good. We arrived in Oradea after about 50 minutes of flying, around noon. By the time we left the airport and wandered around the city, it was time for accommodation. And then I had half a day to take Oradea on foot.

The return flight Oradea - Bucharest takes off at 12:25. We showed up at the airport around 11:00 and had enough time for all the formalities. CAREFUL! It would be good to print your boarding passes for Oradea - Bucharest or to stay at the check-in offices to get the standard boardingpass. The one on the mobile phone is not accepted.

The embarkation was done on time, civilized, as in the good old days. There were 97 passengers on the Bucharest - Oradea flight. There were 101 passengers on the return flight. I can say that the Blue Air planes had a loading degree of about 80%, a very good LF for this route.

On the flight Bucharest - Oradea I flew with a Boeing 737-500 (YR-BAG) with 126 seats. On the return flight Oradea - Bucharest I flew with a Boeing 737-300 (YR-BAP) with 148 seats.

During the flights, the flight attendants shared FREE water and something to nibble on. On a 50-minute flight you don't even need more. We refused not to take off our masks.

Except that the airports are more empty, everything went well. Without delay. And I didn't even feel the tension of the pandemic. The new coronavirus has made us calmer, more protective and more attentive to our health, without stepping on our feet and blowing our necks.

Travel responsibly and informed!

* Our vacation was NOT sponsored by public / private businesses.

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