[City break Hamburg] Bucharest - Hamburg with Blue Air

[City break Hamburg] Bucharest - Hamburg with Blue Air

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During the period 15-19 April 2016, with the support Blue Air and Germany Travel, I arrived in Hamburg. A dream was fulfilled to me. I traveled with the second half Airlines Travel in the second German city according to the number of inhabitants and the main port of Germany.


The idea of ​​visiting Hamburg came about 2-3 years ago, when I learned of the existence of Knuffingen Airport within the Wunderland Miniature Park, the world's largest miniature park. And if I wanted to, I made every effort to get to Hamburg. Blue Air paved the way to fulfill the dream by inaugurating the Bucharest - Hamburg route from 29 to March 2016.

Henri Coanda airport,

Like any trip, everything started with the road. In our case, city ​​break Hamburg started with the 0B139 Blue Air flight. I took off from the 08R runway of the "Henri Coandă" International Airport, at 17: 55, and landed in Hamburg at sunset, at 19: 40. I had no delays and no significant problems. The flight went smoothly, pleasantly, and the sun bathed us in its rays, beyond the clouds.


airport Henri Coanda-of-flight

I can't say the same thing on the ground. Hamburg welcomed us with a cool and humid weather. But I didn't land well, as a Boeing 777-300ER Emirates was following its path to the landing gate. It's like he taught me the day!

Boeing 777-emirates-hamburg

On board the Blue Air planes, being from Dobrogea, I tested the donuts offered by the Angelo confectionery. I recommend you try those with vanilla and those with coffee. Good!

cookies-angelo-blue air

On the Bucharest - Hamburg segment, I flew with Boeing 737-400 (YR-BAK), a 23 years old aircraft, but well maintained. On return, I had the pleasure of flying aboard the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (YR-BME), one of the newest aircraft in the Blue Air fleet. The aircraft is currently allocated to Amsterdam's TUI Airlines Netherlands base. On both flights, the load rating exceeded 90%.

Take advantage of Blue Air's offers and schedule a city break in Hamburg! We will return shortly with the article on Hamburg.

Photos taken with ASUS ZenFone Selfie and Lenovo Vibe For Z2! Article written on a ASUS ZenBook UX305!

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