City break Oradea: what we visited and where we ate in Oradea

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Between August 14-16, I had the joy of discovering one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It's about Oradea city, a cosmopolitan, colorful and elegant city. I took advantage of the Blue Air offer for flights Bucharest - Oradea and we chose to be tourists in Romania, in a city break in Oradea.

We had a day and a half to score the most important tourist attractions and areas in Oradea, and we were able to do this thanks to Dragoș, an Oradean proud of his city. He was our guide and recommended us some restaurants and places with delicious food.

Read on to find out what I visited and where I ate in Oradea.

We arrived in Oradea at noon. After we checked in and left our luggage, we went looking for a place to eat. Our short vacation in Oradea started with a delicious meal at Allegria, an elegant restaurant located on Calea Republicii 33, close to the central area of ​​the city.


After the culinary show, we started walking towards the old center of Oradea. We were fascinated by the beautifully colored buildings, by the Art Nouveau architecture, by the relaxation of the people, by the beautifully rehabilitated and preserved areas. Pedestrian areas are dotted with terraces of restaurants and cafes, but not crowded. It was as if they were urging you to take a seat and enjoy a coffee, a beer, an ice cream. Personally, I did not feel the hustle and bustle. Everything was Transylvanian.

Me and some friends… very quiet
The Black Eagle Palace

We walked along the banks of the Cris River. I visited the Black Eagle Palace, Unirii Square, the Assumption Cathedral, the area with Astoria Hotel and the Regina Maria Theater, 1 Decembrie Park, Oradea Fortress.

Oradea Fortress
the eagle palace
The Black Eagle Palace
hotel astoria
Hotel Astoria
astoria hotel and regina maria theater
Astoria Hotel and Regina Maria Theater

We hydrated and rested our feet on the Spoon terrace. A place where you can eat well, but we preferred beer.

We had dinner at Pizzeria Napoletana L'Autentica, recognized among the people of Oradea for the pizza made with the fluffy mayonnaise top. I'm not a pizza specialist, but I'm a gourmet and I can say that I enjoyed the best pizza in Romania. Was it the countertop?

Pizzeria Napoletana L'Autentica
Pizzeria Napoletana L'Autentica

And so we ended the first day with a walk through the city streets at night. I did not have a well-defined route. We let ourselves be carried away by the roads and paths of Oradea.

The next day started with a good coffee at Meron Alecsandri, a cafe located on Vasile Alecsandri Street, a pedestrian area with many pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Meron Alecsandri

Then I climbed Ciuperca hill to admire Oradea from a height. If you arrive in Oradea, do not miss this place. The view is beautiful.

Oradea - panoramic view from Ciuperca Hill
Oradea - panoramic view from Ciuperca Hill
Oradea - panoramic view from Ciuperca Hill
Me and my gang
Me with my better half!

We attended the service of St. Mary in the Roman Catholic Cathedral and we took pictures at the Canons. Both are located on Șirul Canonicilor Street.

catedrala romano-catolica
Roman Catholic Cathedral
the series of canons
The Row of Canons

We had lunch at Casuta cu Nuci, a nice restaurant with delicious food. goulash, baked Bavarian ciolan, duck leg with red sauerkraut among the dishes we ordered.

Walnut house
Walnut house

And we sweetened at Danessa Confectionery & Pizzeria. The cakes looked too good and were too good to be patient with.

We will definitely travel to Oradea. There are still many places we want to discover, such as the Zoo, the Ady Endre Museum, the City Hall and the climb to the town hall tower (now under renovation), Aquapark Nymphaea and many other buildings, which are now under renovation.

Recommendations for restaurants, cafes, bars & pubs: Rivo, Allegria, Spoon, The Dock, Piata9, Casuta cu Nuci, Pizzeria Napoletana L'Autentica, Cyrano, Cofetaria & Pizzeria Danessa.

Recommendations to visit: Oradea Fortress, Canonical Row, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Mushroom Hill, Zoo, City Hall and the ascent (now under renovation) in the town hall tower, Nymphaea Aquapark, 1 Decembrie Park, Vasile Alecsandri Pedestrian Area, Republic Road, Moskoviscus-Miksa Palace Romanian Orthodox Church of Oradea, Liberty Park and the walk on the bank of the Cris, Neologue Synagogue Sion.

If you have been to Oradea and have additions, we look forward to them in the comments of this article.

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