RYANAIR customers receive 100% compensation based on EU261 law

Ryanair today welcomed the 21 March decision of the High Court of London regarding Ryanair's policy of communicating and paying compensation under EU261 law directly to consumers. Thus, RYANAIR rejected Bott & Co Solicitors Ltd.'s claims to be compensated for any costs they cannot recover from customers who were paid directly by Ryanair.

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Judge Edward Murray, the case president, said that "Ryanair has implemented a simple and easy-to-use procedure for its clients for claims for delayed flights, either online or by mail, without any assistance from third parties.".

RYANAIR customers receive 100% compensation

Ryanair urges all its customers, with valid EU261 claims, to register them directly with Ryanair and avoid such middlemen as Bott & Co, Fairplane, Hayward Baker, Sky Legal, Flightright, and Flight Heroes. They can deduct more than 40% of the € 250 in the form of commissions.

Customers with valid claims, who will claim compensation directly from Ryanair, will receive 100% of their compensation according to EU261 law, without any excessive restraint in the form of commissions from "claim hunters".

As part of the 'Always Getting Better' 2018 program, Ryanair has established a dedicated Claims team to process all claims within an industry-leading 10 working day.

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