Cluj - Bratislava with Wizz Air, from March 10, 2017

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During a press conference held in Cluj, Wizz Air has announced the opening of new routes and the allocation of a new aircraft at the "Avram Iancu" International Airport.

Among the new destinations announced are Bratislava. Route Cluj-Bratislava will be inaugurated on March 10 2017 and weekly 2 flights will be operated on Mondays and Fridays.

Cluj-Bratisvlava flight schedule with Wizz Air (10-24 March 2017):

W6 3345 Cluj-Napoca 6: 50 - 7: 05 Bratislava
W6 3346 Bratislava 7: 35 - 9: 55 Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Bratisvlava flight schedule with Wizz Air (from 27 to March 2017):

W6 3345 Cluj-Napoca 7: 50 - 8: 05 Bratislava
W6 3346 Bratislava 8: 35 - 10: 55 Cluj-Napoca


The basic rates start from 99 lei / segment! Only small cabin baggage is included in the ticket price. If you buy today, you get 20% discount on the ticket price, meaning a real discount of at least 12.4 lei / segment.

We are tired of hearing about new destinations to Italy or Spain. Bratislava is a new destination for the Romanian market and I think it will be successful. First of all, it is the capital and largest city in Slovakia. A destination rich in historical buildings, museums. It has Austrian, but also Hungarian influences.

Bratislava is located in the southwest of Slovakia, in the Bratislava Region. It is close to the borders with Austria and Hungary, which makes it the only national capital at the border with two states. It is only 62 km from the border with the Czech Republic and 60 km from Vienna.

The fact that it is very close to Vienna is another reason why I recommend you fly to Bratislava. We hope to see this destination also in the portfolio of the Wizz Air base in Bucharest.

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