Cluj - Brussels with Transylvania International Airlines?

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A new Romanian air carrier enters the market. Transylvania International Airlines submitted, on Wednesday, the only offer at a tender organized by the Cluj-Napoca International Airport for the introduction, for the first time, of a flights to Brussels, this is going to receive financial aid from Cluj County Council. The information was given by the director of the Cluj-Napoca International Airport, David Ciceo.

He also stated that, through the aid scheme, the company will have to operate the routes for two and a half years, without financial aid, after the expiry of the five-year period.

The bid submitted will be analyzed by the auction commission in a few days, and then the frequency of flights, the estimated number of passengers to be transported and other details will be announced. Also, the offer of the respective company includes the introduction of a Flight to Dusseldorf (Germany). Financial aid for Transylvania International Airlines will not exceed 14 euro per passenger embarked in the first year and will gradually decrease over the next five years.

The president of the Cluj County Council, Horea Uioreanu, stated, in the same press conference, that discussions will take place with the air operators and for the introduction of a flight on the route Cluj-Napoca - Constanţa, this being requested by the tourism companies. (conformable Mediafax)

Un former Carpatair pilot, Dan Sorin Iuhas, registered an airline at the Trade Register in September last year. It is called Transylvania International Airlines, it is located right inside the Cluj International Airport, and as an object of activity - passenger air transport. (According to the publication oradecluj).

From some sources, the new Romanian air carrier will operate an Airbus aircraft, most likely an A320! The carrier will operate low cost flights.

If we analyze the situation a little, the new air operator takes the place of "play". Carpatair has stopped operating at Cluj-Napoca Airport after 12 years of activity. Blue Air has closed its operations in Cluj, and Wizz Air has moved some flights to Târgu Mureş, so Transylvania International Airlines can operate some profitable flights.

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  1. Bia says

    It would be good, I also receive various information that new races from Cluj will enter. A destination like Brussels is waiting for. And a race to Naples, I'm not interested in what company comes as long as it's low cost

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