Cluj - Constanta with TAROM, flights supported by Phenicia Hotels

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The Romanian coastline grows from year to year. Due to the destabilization of the tourist markets in Turkey and Egypt, Romania can only win. For the time being it is considered a very safe destination and the coast offers attractive packages. But the infrastructure does not help us much.


For several years, there have been requests for routes to Constanta. Normally in Romania it would mean that every airport in the country has seasonal flights from / to Constanta. According to the latest statements made by Mr. Dan Costescu, Minister of Transport, the train has become a luxury. A luxury for money, but a mess for the quality of the services offered by CFR. And as the plane has become more accessible, we recommend the flight. We do not allow the luxury of the CFR to stay stuck on the tracks.

For the luckiest, Mangalia - Arad by train could take about 15-17 hours. If they're unlucky, for them it may take 24 hours. In such conditions, no tourism can be made in Romania.

Cluj - Constanţa with TAROM

Under these conditions, more and more hoteliers are seriously considering establishing charter flights to the seaside. The president of the Phenicia Hotels group, Mohammad Murad, negotiates with TAROM the introduction of a seasonal flight on the Cluj-Napoca - Constanţa route. The Black Sea would be an hour away for those in the Transylvanian area.

The fare will be 130 EURO for round trip flights. According to market sources, flights on this route would be operated at night. According to the sources consulted by the Day of Cluj, the negotiations between the Phenicia Group and TAROM aim at introducing two other flights to the Romanian coast: Timisoara-Constanta, at 130 euro, and Iaşi-Constanţa, at only 120 euro.

But let's not risk it. Many discussions, few concrete actions. Mr. Muhamed Murad, owner of the Phenicia hotel chain, has announced that he will also make an airline (2014 statement). We are in 2016 and the statement has not yet materialized. But I can say that the hotels in the Phenicia Group are of a high standard and we recommend them.

In any case, Romania needs seasonal flights to Constanta. Let's hope that resources and solutions will be found for the Romanians from the west, who want to get to the Black Sea much faster. And let's not forget the transfer from Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport - Constanţa and return, which is currently missing.

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