Cluj - Istanbul with TAROM, from June 1, 2016

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"Avram Iancu" Cluj International Airport announces that starting with June 1 2016, TAROM airline will start the flight Iasi, Cluj-Istanbul with a frequency of two flights per week.


The flight will be operated daily by Wednesday and Saturday with a type aircraft Boeing 737-300 with a capacity of 134 seats, according to the following program:

Ruta Segment Operating days Departure time


Arrival time

(local hour)

Iasi - Cluj-Napoca - Istanbul IAS CLJ-IST  - - 3- - 6 -  



IST-CLJ-IAS - - 3- - 6 - 23:15 01:35
Cluj-Napoca- Istanbul CLJ-IST - - 3- - 6 - 20:45 22:30
IST-CLJ - - 3- - 6 - 23:15 01:05

The president of the Cluj County Council, Mr. Marius Mînzat said: "With this new flight, 11 new destinations will be operated this year from the" Avram Iancu "International Airport in Cluj. We are happy with the TAROM announcement, especially since it is the first air connection with Turkey. I believe that this new flight will be opportune in the development of bilateral relations, which will have a positive impact on trade between the regions. "

The General Director of "Avram Iancu" Cluj International Airport said: "Through this flight to Istanbul, it will be possible to connect with an important new hub in South East Europe and South West Asia. We are confident that this destination will become one of interest to our passengers and will be greatly appreciated. ”

Thus, from the "Avram Iancu" Cluj International Airport, in 2016 year, 11 will operate new regular destinations, reaching a total of 36 regular flights to 16 countries. At the same time, charter flights to 10 holiday destinations will be available to all passengers, starting in May and until the end of September.

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