Coins thrown into the engine of an airplane

A Chinese passenger tried his luck with the 9 coins he threw into the engine of a plane. 8 "missed" the target, but one reached inside the engine.

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A woman with a belief in Buddhism and superstitious threw a handful of coins into the engine of an aircraft, motivating the action to be for "good luck". His act did not bring him luck, and the passengers of the aircraft woke up unlucky.

Coins thrown towards the engine

The China Southern Airlines plane, which was to operate flight CZ380 (Shanghai Pudong - Guangzhou), was detained on the ground for several hours, until the technicians recovered the coins.


The 80-year-old woman was detained by Shanghai airport authorities, and the approximately 150 passengers were landed.

The China Southern Airlines technical team conducted a complete overhaul of the aircraft engine.

Many lines have been written about Chinese superstitions. But no, such actions certainly do not bring you luck. The engine of an airplane is not a lucky fountain, where you can throw money and put your wishes.

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