European Commission wants to develop a unique COVID test protocol for EU air travelers

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The European Commission has adopted new recommendations for EU Member States on COVID-19 testing. It proposes a uniform testing procedure for those traveling in a Member State and a unified passenger location form.

Thus, the authorities would be more relaxed, and people could resume their trips abroad, said Adina Vălean for digi24.

"In the entire transport sector, but especially in the aviation sector, the losses are enormous. We have made economic measures available for Member States to help airports and airlines during this period. However, the numbers are dramatic, with 70 percent fewer flights than last year on the same date. This could lead to the closure of airports, stations that can no longer be supported economically. That is why today we have recommended that Member States ensure minimum connectivity at European level, help airports to keep routes open. It is needed, for those who have to travel even in crisis conditions ", said Vălean to Digi24.

In the current context, when most countries have adopted restrictive measures and each has imposed differentiated travel restrictions, people are forced to cancel their trips. And NOT because of the fear of COVID-19, but because of the uncertainty. Plus many don't want to be in isolation / quarantine.

IATA conducted a survey, and the results were as follows:

  • 83% of passengers will not fly if they have to be quarantined at their destination;
  • 88% of respondents say they are willing to be tested for SARS-VOC-2, thus encouraging travel;
  • 65% state that no quarantine is required if a person tests negative for COVID-19;
  • about 39% believe that the government should pay for the tests
  • 25% consider that the tests are the responsibility of the passengers.
  • IATA calls on governments to financially support the revitalization of global aviation

IATA calls on governments to provide financial support revitalize global aviation and seek common solutions to encourage travel. IATA and airlines require testing of COVID-19 before the flight of all passengers.

In this context, the European Transport Commission should step on the acceleration before it is too late. Whether we like it or not, people need to travel freely and safely.

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