The National Airports Company Bucharest celebrates 8 years

We were always fascinated by the buzz around an airport. Regardless of its size, an airport gathers passengers and employees from different structures. Today, Bucharest National Airports Company celebrates 8 years!

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Today, Bucharest National Airports Company celebrates 8 years! Happy birthday and constructive. Given that is 6 years old, we find that we grew up with CNAB.

Bucharest National Airports Company

Bucharest Airports National Company manages the two main airports of Bucharest: Henri Coandă International Airport and Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

Teo Postelnicu, CNAB employee and friend of, describes very well what an airport means. It's a flying city.

On the Henri Coanda Airport platform, over 15.000 people work, ten times more than the number of airport employees. Every day, from the first hour or in shifts, thousands of people go to the airport: pilots; stewardese always seem to be smiling; the professionals from the ground traffic, the ones from the Follow Me who guide the planes to the airport; our hopeful boys assisting passengers with reduced mobility; firefighters; aircraft mechanics; passenger flow inspectors; technical experts; exceptional people from airport security; colleagues who look after the flight plan flawlessly; those who manage the allocations of airplanes on the ground; air traffic controllers.

The 15.000 employees work not only at the airport, but also at the 50 airlines, the handling companies, the control tower, the border police and transport police, the gendarmerie, antitero, customs, shops, restaurants, supermarket, rent a car, banks, exchanges and all other aviation companies.

Today, the Bucharest National Airports Company celebrates its 8 years since its inception. Our tacit thanks: we are sure that the 40.000 of passengers passing daily through the airport are in absolute safety, as are the 350 of airplanes that take off and land daily in Bucharest.

Happy Birthday to our passengers! Cheap flights! We are here, on duty every day, for your safety and security!

I don't think we have enough words to say thank you to everyone at the airports. Let's respect their work and respect them as people.

For us, those who love airplanes and flights, the airport means "home". Wherever we travel, we respect people at airports and their jobs. I spend hours at airports and keep an eye on airplanes.

As proof, I flew one day to Berlin to photograph airplanes. I flew a day in Milan Bergamo because I found cheap air tickets.

At the same time, in 2017 we started the project ”People in aviation". We want to talk to as many people in aviation, regardless of the job done.

Happy Birthday, CNAB!

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