Armenian airlines have been blacklisted by the European Commission.

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The European Commission has added all certified Armenian airlines to its "blacklist", subject to an operating ban or operating restrictions in the European Union. The reason: it does not comply with international safety standards!

The June 2, 2020 update of the blacklist includes all certified airlines in Armenia, "after a more in-depth assessment of security surveillance capabilities."

Armenian airlines have been blacklisted

The following airlines are banned from flying in the EU: AirCompany Armenia (NGT), Armenia Airways (AMW), Atlantis Armenian Airlines (AEU), Atlantis European Airlines (LUR), Mars Avia (MRS) and Skyball, plus Armenian Helicopters ( KAV).

The Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, stated: "The EU Aviation Safety List should be used as a tool to help airlines and listed countries re-evaluate and improve their flight standards.

The decision to include Armenian carriers on the EU blacklist was taken on the basis of the unanimous opinion of the Aviation Safety Committee. The Commission, with the assistance of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, is ready to cooperate and invest in Armenia to improve aviation safety. "

The EU Aviation Safety List “not only helps maintain high levels of safety in the EU, but also helps airlines and the countries concerned to improve their safety levels.

In addition, the EU Aviation Safety List has become a major preventive tool, as it urges countries with safety concerns to act on it. " The European Commission is constantly looking for "ways to improve aviation safety, including through collaborative efforts with aviation authorities around the world to raise global safety standards".

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