Agree vs. TU-144: Who was the first supersonic passenger?

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When it comes to supersonic passenger planes, the thought is on Concord, the western plane. But let's not forget Tupolev TU-144, the Concorde rival of Soviet production. Agree vs. TU-144: Who was the first supersonic passenger?

I wrote about Concorde and about TU-144. From the beginning I mentioned that the Concorde Delta was the first civilian supersonic in aviation history. But there were voices that contradicted us.

Agree vs. TU-144

But let's go through history very quickly. The 2 supersonic aircraft appeared during the Cold War, which took place in the 1947-1991 range. It was a period of political and ideological tensions and confrontations. This "war" was between the USSR with its allies (the Eastern bloc) and the US with its allies (the Western bloc). It was the period in which each grouping sought to compete on an equal footing with the opponent on all fronts.

Thus, the 2 supersonic planes also appeared. One group did something, the other immediately countered with something similar. We decided to do this article to compare the 2 supersonic aircraft in different development stages. According to Western stories, TU-144 was called Concordski. It's logical why, right? Take a look at the information below.

Development stageConcordTU-144
Launch ideas supersonic passengers1950 – 19551962
Manufacture of the first prototype19651966
I fly the first prototype19691968
Entering the commercial service19761977
Flight period27 years1 year

From the data comparison, it turns out that the Concorde supersonic was the first. TU-144 rose from the ground before the Concorde competitor, but the rush of the Russians ruined the job. The Westerners did not rush and the result I think you know.

The first Concorde flight

The first TU-144 flight

Agree vs. TU-144: Who was the first supersonic passenger? Our conclusion is clear. Concorde was the first supersonic passenger plane. He flew the most, being retired in 2003. It was built in a number of 20 units, which were divided between Air France and British Airways. He operated most supersonic commercial flights.

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