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[Lufthansa Contest] Test and win 2 airfare anywhere with Lufthansa

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Lufthansa launched a nice competition with over 500 awards. The big prize consists of 2 air tickets to any destination operated by Lufthansa aircraft at Premium Economy. Did I arouse your interest? Now let me tell you and how you can enter the race for these prizes.

Campaign mechanism:

- access the online platform;
- pass the test: "your traveler personality";
- regardless of the test result, fill in the campaign registration heel with
the following data needed to register them in the campaign: name, first name, date
births, country of residence, telephone number and e-mail address;
- check that you are aware of the Campaign Rules published on the platform
- after completing the requested data, press the "Subscribe Newsletter" button

The first 500 people entered in the competition can win a discount voucher worth 20 of EURO. It can be used on any ticket purchased during the period 15 February - 15 March 2015.

And for this test, I completed it and it came out that I am a "professional traveler". The test contains 9 funny questions with even more comical answers. There were questions to which I did not find exactly the answer I wanted, but I tried to choose one as close as possible to my wishes. I cannot say that I identify 100% with the test result. I didn't travel very long, nor did I make a perfect plan before traveling, but I like to be more organized. In March 2013, I traveled to Madrid without a specific plan. I got carried away by the flight and the desire to be spontaneous. I discovered the city as much as time allowed.

Under the personal slogan "There is no: You can't", I would like to walk as much as possible, maybe even discover the whole planet and something besides;).

What personality do you have as a traveler?

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