Travel conditions in Austria: 3G rule - tested or cured or vaccinated!

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From November 22, Austria imposed a temporary lockdown at national level, affecting vaccinations and non-vaccinations, by 13 December at the latest. Travel for travel has been blocked. Hotels are not allowed to receive tourists until the end of the lockdown period.

However, Austria did not block its borders. If you travel from countries with a low enough incidence, you will not be quarantined. This is true for most European countries, including ROMANIA, and for other third countries.

You can enter Austria without quarantine, if you have only stayed in these countries or Austria for the last 10 days. You will also need either a negative Covid test, or a valid vaccination, or proof of recovery. In the case of a check, you must present a medical certificate, a test result, a vaccination certificate / vaccination permit or an official / medical certificate of recovery in German or English.

If you do not have any of these documents with you, when you enter Austria, you will need to have a PCR or antigen test within 24 hours.

In conclusion, if you are traveling from Romania to Austria, you must prove that you are:

  • test - PCR test or a medical certificate attesting to the negative result, not older than 72 hours. Children up to the age of 12 do not need a test. Minors between the ages of 12 and 17, who travel with parents / adults from the countries mentioned below, including Romania, must present in the absence of a certificate of vaccination or recovery, the result of a negative test. The test must be performed by an authorized laboratory. Self-tests or home-made tests are not valid for the purpose of entry.
  • Vaccines - Austria accepts all EMA approved vaccines (Comirnaty / Pfizer, Moderna, Vaxzevria / Astra Zeneca, Janssen). Full vaccination is required from August 15 - first-dose vaccination is no longer enough. Vaccination is valid for 360 days in Austria from the 22nd day after the second dose for vaccines requiring two doses. Vaccines that require a single vaccination are valid for 270 days from day 22 after a single dose. If you have a third dose, the second dose should be at least 120 days apart.
  • Recover from Sars-Cov-2 infection. It entitles you to enter Austria for 180 days after recovery. The medical certificate attesting to the passage of Covid-19 must be in English or German.

People traveling to Austria have the obligation to record electronically by completing the Pre-Travel-Clearance (PTC) document only if:

  • I come from a country that nu is on the list of countries with quarantine-free entry (not the case of Romania)
  • come without a negative Covid test, a valid vaccination or proof of recovery after the disease and so on do not meet the rule of the 3 proofs explained above.

The form can be completed for a single person, for a single entry and at the earliest 72 hours before entry. At the border, all citizens are required to present the PTC (either digitally or on paper). There are also exceptions for various reasons and situations impossible to predict previously.

Transit is permitted without stopping (overnight) on the territory of Austria to destinations in other countries, without the application of the quarantine / isolation measure or COVID test, if the trip to the country of destination is justified by a document. Document in this sense they can be the following:

  • Hotel / train / bus / plane reservations, etc
  • Supporting documents regarding the domicile / residence / right of residence, own or of the family members, as the case may be: marriage certificates, etc.
  • Employment contracts

In conclusion, tourist travel is not accepted, but Austria does not block its borders. In this context, those who have reserved holidays will not be able to enjoy them. The accommodation units have informed the tourists that they will not be able to be accommodated. But what about plane tickets? Austrian Airlines, RYANAIR, TAROM, Wizz Air are companies that have scheduled flights between Romania and Austria, but have not yet taken measures regarding those who will no longer be able to travel. Do people risk losing their money on tickets already booked?

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