Conditions for entry into Montenegro: based on a passport and a negative PCR-type test COVID-19

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the Montenegrin authorities have revised the conditions for the entry of persons into Montenegro, the new conditions will take effect on 25 December 2020.

Thus, from this date, entry into Montenegro can only be made on the basis of a valid passport and a PCR molecular test with a negative result for SARS-CoV-2 infection, not older than 72 hours at the time of entry into Montenegro. For foreign / Romanian citizens residing in Montenegro, the positive result of an antibody test for SARS-CoV-2 class IgC by ELISA is also accepted. 

The new measures apply to all persons traveling to Montenegro in the next period, whether domiciled / residing in the states / regions included in the "green list" (which also includes Romania) or in the states / regions included in the "yellow list". , as well as for Montenegrin citizens who traveled to the respective states / regions within 15 days prior to entering Montenegro. 

The obligation to hold a test does NOT apply to persons in transit, members of the diplomatic corps, international missions / organizations accredited in Montenegro and minors up to 5 years.

With regard to transit conditions, it is recommended that all Romanian citizens who intend to travel to Montenegro in the next period, not stay more than 12 hours in countries / areas on the yellow list, and present their passport at the border crossing points. to avoid being placed in self-isolation / institutionalized quarantine.

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