The management of TAROM starts the implementation of the actions of return to profit of the company

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The Board of Directors of the company TAROM approved the Management Plan elaborated by the executive management at the Board of Directors meeting yesterday, 11 March 2013.

The management plan developed by the executive management started from the company's management plan and aims at a series of actions whereby TAROM will improve the company's accounting result on average with 100 millions of lei every year, aiming to obtain profit from the year 2015 .

The main measures that will be implemented immediately refer, among other things, to increasing productivity, streamlining the organizational structure, harmonizing the fleet and adjusting the capacity to the existing demand on the market, introducing an automatic yield management system, which will allow the use of a much more efficient mechanism. pricing, increasing sales on their own site. The route network will be restructured, procurement efficiency will be increased, a new fuel supply procedure will be introduced to save costs and external agencies will be closed based in the city, the company will continue to be represented in airports. In the cities where the offices in the center will be closed, the sales activities will be taken over by the General Sales Agent (GSA).

They also went to renegotiation of over 40 contracts with suppliers.

In parallel with the implementation of the measures mentioned above, there will be analyzed more opportunities to use the company's assets and to make more efficient use of the ultra-skilled workforce held by the company. The management will analyze the transformation of certain departments into profit centers or even independent units, will maximize the benefits brought by the company to SkyTeam, will introduce new IT systems and platforms and will analyze the possibility of using at maximum level the real estate assets (buildings and land). ) which is the property of the company. All these measures will be based on a thorough economic analysis, whose sole purpose is to maximize the profit and increase the financial stability of the company, while respecting all the safety standards applicable in the industry and having the needs of the clients of the company in the center.

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