Congestion on passenger flows at Henri Coanda Airport

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Passenger traffic at Henri Coandă Airport has increased in recent days by more than 40-50% compared to the planned one, due to the crisis in Ukraine, appearing, at certain times of the day, congestion on the arrival and departure flows.

In order to ensure the conditions for all passengers to travel to board in time and safely, we ask them to arrive at the airport in time - 2.5-3 hours before take-off time.

Please note that measures have been taken to supplement the activity on flows. However, in the face of an increasing number of refugees and returnees transiting the airport, which involves flows dedicated to them to ensure the safety and security of all passengers, there are and will continue to be temporary congestion.

In this way, we call on the passengers and their companions to show calm and understanding in this special situation generated by the armed conflict in the neighboring country.

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